Owner and founder Rick Williams founded Joyride RV Rental with his daughter Carley Joy in 2022 after realizing there was a need for RV rentals within the Springfield, MO area.  Being avid outdoors people and RVers they wanted to allow other individuals and families in the community to enjoy RVing as much as they do without the commitment of purchasing an RV.

Rick previously owned a local disinfecting business, SafeSpace Company, LLC, where he continues to incorporate many disinfecting practices and company products into the RV Rental industry. “Keeping our customers safe and healthy while allowing them to have an amazing adventure is the goal of Joyride” says Rick. “Each unit includes a cleaning kit and is completely disinfected before and after each use”.

Rick’s previous careers include: Special Forces Medic, Law Enforcement, Hospital Management, Owner and Director of Community Hospices of America, SafeSpace Company, LLC owner and founder and is a published author of “The Secret of the Bluebonnet”.